5 Creative Uses for Leftover Cookies

Although we at Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies find it hard to believe there can possibly be any such thing as ‘too many cookies’, apparently it can happen! Most people struggle with the opposite problem, and can’t get enough delicious, buttery, crunchy goodness. However in the unlikely event that you somehow over-order and end up with leftover cookies which are past their best, there are plenty of things you can do with them. Some of the ideas we’ve found for using up stale cookies sound so good it’s worth buying some extras and leaving them to go stale on purpose! Here are a few of our favorites:

Gimme Jimmy's Cookie Truffles!
Gimme Jimmy’s Cookie Truffles!

1. Cookie Truffles

These irresistible-looking truffles are super easy to make, require only a couple of ingredients and are the perfect simple and fun activity to do with kids. Blogger Hannah, of The Perfect Storm has used Gimmee Jimmy’s Rainbow Cookies to make her truffles – the bright colors work brilliantly with the white chocolate coating and colored sprinkles. You could use any kind of cookie, coating and decoration you like to create these little bites of pure yumminess. They’d make great homemade gifts packaged in a pretty box or jar, perfect for teacher presents, father’s day, valentines or just about any occasion!

Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookie Truffles

2. Quick and Easy Cookie Crumble

Make desserts, ice cream and fruit more exciting with the addition of a crushed cookie topping. Simply crumble your leftover cookies using a food processor or by placing in a plastic bag and bashing them with a rolling pin. Don’t crush them too finely – a few larger pieces here and there are a bonus! Sprinkle the mixture over any dessert of your choice, to turn something plain into a real treat. You could try combining with some nuts, chocolate chips or other optional extras to add interest, depending on the type of cookies you’re using.

               image2 (1)

3. Cheesecake Base

Why use plain old digestives for your cheesecake base, when you can make things so much more interesting? Any type of cookie or biscuit will work for this recipe, and depending on whether you’re buying cookies especially or simply using up leftovers that you already have, you could flavor your cheesecake accordingly. Think lemon cheesecake with a gingernut base, or cherry cheesecake with a chocolate cookie base – delicious! Crush your cookies to a fine mixture, combine with melted butter and press firmly into the base of a tin, then add your chosen cheesecake filling and voila!

4. Milk and Cookies Smoothie

Create a rich, indulgent smoothie for a drink or dessert by adding crushed cookies to the mix. We love this recipe for a peanut butter, banana and cookies smoothie. The cookie crumbs give added texture, and make this smoothie as filling as a whole meal. You could even keep some of the cookies aside for dunking. Use whatever cookies you have to hand, and have fun experimenting with ingredients and flavors.


5. Crockpot Cookie Pudding

Similar in concept to a bread pudding, this inventive recipe for Slowcooker Cookie Pudding layers old, stale cookies with eggs, sugar and milk to create a fabulously warming and hearty pudding which would be wonderful served with custard on a cold winter’s day. As with the other ideas we’ve featured, use any kind of cookies you like. This is one recipe where it’s definitely worth making or buying extra cookies especially!

Cookie Pudding

If you don’t have the time or kitchen prowess to create a new dish from your leftover cookies, did you know it’s also possible to revive stale, hard cookies and make them (almost) as good as new? Place your cookies in an airtight jar or ziplock bag with some sliced apple and leave them overnight. The cookies will absorb the moisture from the fruit, making them soft and delicious again. Alternatively, if you think your family won’t be able to eat all your cookies before they get old, freeze some! They only take a few minutes to defrost in the oven or microwave, and when you eat them warm they taste even better!

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