10 Fresh Homemade Black & White Cookies | Pick Your Choice of Color


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10 Fresh baked Black & White Cookies
10 Fresh baked Blue & White Cookies
10 Fresh baked Pink & White Cookies

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All of our Cookies are delivered in our specialty cookie tins which are crafted to display beautifully as an edible gift. Sealed with advanced sealing technology, Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies are packaged within an hour of baking, and shipped at the end of each day. 

12 Fresh Baked Black and White Cookies: a striking and sophisticated treat

  • Black and White Cookies are an iconic New York favorite, iced with vanilla and chocolate frosting.
  • A distinctive and classy choice for wedding and baby shower favors, or perfect party food.
  • Pick your frosting: available as black & white, blue & white or pink & white to suit your occasion!
  • All cookies are baked fresh to order with free shipping available across America.
  • All-natural ingredients, kosher-certified and dairy free parve cookies.
  • Cookies are packaged in a beautiful gift tin within 30 minutes of baking to ensure perfect freshness.

Top tips to maximise enjoyment:

  • Store uneaten cookies in an airtight container – not in the fridge! Include a piece of white bread to stop the cookies drying out. Keep the bread separated from the cookies with a piece of waxed paper: the cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread to keep them soft but not soggy.
  • Cookies can be frozen in an airtight bag. You can use them straight from the freezer: simply warm in the microwave or a few minutes in the oven for delicious soft cookies whenever you want!
  • We ship our cookies the same day we bake them to ensure they arrive with you in the best possible condition. For the best tasting cookies, eat within 2 weeks of arrival.

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    Incredible Gift Wrap

10 Fresh Homemade Black & White Cookies | Pick Your Choice of Color

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