Nutritional Info - Allergy

At Gimmee Jimmy’s, we bake our cookies fresh every day in our spotless kitchen. We use only the very finest ingredients, with no artificial anything!

We use nuts in our kitchen and in some of our cookies and baked products. Therefore we cannot guarantee that any Gimmee Jimmy’s product is nut-free for allergy sufferers. Nuts will always be included in the product title and description when we have expressly added nuts to the recipe.

Gimmee Jimmy’s cookies and cakes are not gluten free.

All Gimmee Jimmy’s products are Dairy-Free Parve, unless Dairy is expressly listed in the name of the product. All of our items are Kosher, Parve, and when listed as Dairy, we are Cholov Yisrael. 

We are certified by the OK kashrus agency. All products are Pas Yisroel.

Please contact our Customer Services team if you would like to discuss a particular product and its ingredients in more detail.