New Home Cookie Gifts with Free Shipping

Moving house is a huge event in life, and once all the hard work is done all anyone wants to do is sit down with a well-deserved cup of tea and a cookie or cake. Welcome a new family to your neighborhood or give friends and family something to sustain them through the unpacking. A gift basket or tin of sumptuous home-baked cookies will always go down well. Rather than yet another housewarming gift of a picture frame or scented candle, a food gift shows thought and good wishes, without being something to clutter up the new house once only the crumbs are left. For a unique and memorable present, a housewarming cookie basket or selection of muffins is always welcome. Our easy online service makes it simple for you to order the gift to be sent directly to your recipient (remember to check their new address!), or to you to give to them personally. Help your loved ones settle into their new home with a delicious housewarming gift.