Cookies & Cake - The Gift Of Love!

Fall in love with the exquisite taste of our cookies and other bakes, and share the delights with your beloved. Sending cookies is a fun and tasty alternative to flowers or chocolates, and your recipient will surely thank you for it! If you have a sweet-toothed sweetheart there’s no better way to show them you care, with a unique and memorable selection of gourmet cookies from Gimmee Jimmy’s. Our packaging options reflect the romantic theme, whether you choose red love hearts or something more understated and classy to present your tasty treats. If the object of your desire is far away, let us send your gift straight to them, along with a personalised message from you. Alternatively, have it delivered for you to give personally, and revel in their delighted reaction! For Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Just Because, a gift of cookies is always appropriate.