• Some Things You Didn't Know About The Cookie Monster!

    The Cookie Monster LOVES Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies

    If you were a kid any time from the 70's through to today, Sesame Street and the Muppets probably played some part in your childhood. Jim Henson's funny, sometimes cute, and often educational puppets have had an unparalleled run for a children's TV show, and have also had countless spin-offs for audiences of all ages, becoming an iconic part of popular culture. One of the most popular characters who has been around since the very early days of Sesame Street is of course the childlike, furry blue monster with googly eyes we know as the Cookie Monster. With over 40 years of television history behind him, it is not surprising that there are some interesting little known facts about this guy, which we're going to take a look at here:

    Cookie Monster Isn't His Real Name

    The character who eventually became the Cookie Monster we know and love was first conceived as a character called Wheel Stealer for an unaired commercial Jim Henson was involved with for a snack food company. Wheel Stealer was also used in a training video for IBM, weirdly. He looked slightly different from the 'final form' of Cookie Monster in that he had teeth and was a slightly different color, but his original job, just like CM's, was to have an insatiable hunger.

    Cookie Monster appeared in the first season of Sesame Street in 1969 as an undefined character, but his cookie obsessed ways and his name didn't develop until the second season of the show. However, in a 2004 Sesame Street episode, Cookie Monster sang a song that revealed his real name was Sid. This was backed up by a tweet from 'his' account run by Sesame Street, which said Cookie Monster was a nickname that stuck and he didn't remember his real name – but maybe it was Sidney.

                      Baby Cookie Monster

    He Represents 'Babyishness' Rather Than Gluttony

    All of Sesame Street's main characters are supposed to represent a human weakness or foible, exaggerated for comic effect, but Cookie Monster is not designed to represent something as simple as gluttony. In a 1985 edition of Sesame Street Magazine, when talking about parents' concerns about how he talks incorrect grammar, one of the directors of the show said he represents 'babyishness personified' – which is why other characters speak better than him and he has an uncontrollable and selfish drive to eat!

    He'll eat anything from machines to car fenders, so it is hard to pick a favorite cookie flavor for him, but we think due to his childlike nature he'd love Gimme Jimmys colorful rainbow cookies best of all.

     Controversial or not, a cookie is a cookie

    He's Been Controversial!

    Cookie Monster may have the comedic trait of being obsessed with cookies, but some people have seen this as no laughing matter over the years, with some (perhaps slightly killjoy type) people saying his fondness for sugary treats sets a bad example. He has been used in health awareness campaigns and segments of the show that promote healthy eating, but the show never gave in to controversy and kept his character the same, even poking fun on the show about rumors he was going to be changed into the far less funny sounding 'Veggie Monster'.

    So there you have it, some little known facts about one of America's most iconic TV characters!

  • 2016 Presidential Election: Pick Your Candidate's Flavor.

    What kind of cookies will the next president be eating in the Whitehouse?

    The US presidential election 2016 is a huge source of interest at the moment, both at home and abroad, as people watch the front running candidates vying for votes. Whether you have already got a favorite or not, there is no denying that this year's candidates are a very diverse bunch, with Clinton and Sanders, Trump and Cruz all bringing different views, ideas and personalities to the race. There are lots of different ways people have described their different characters, likening them to everything from fast food to characters from TV's Game of Thrones, but to add a new comparison to the mix, here we're going to take a look at which flavor of Gimmee Jimmys Cookies each of these candidates is most like!

    The Bernie Baby Loves Oatmeal Cookies

    Bernie Sanders – Oatmeal and Raisin

    Bernie Sanders is by far the oldest candidate, and so the classic oatmeal and raisin seems to suit him perfectly. He's also a big hit with the highly liberal 'hipster' community, who love all things natural and have a taste for the retro. Oatmeal and raisin is a flavor some people love, and others find to be a bit of a compromise if they were hoping for a more decadent or flashy flavor. It is always a good seller, however, and those who like it find it to be their favorite comfort food.

    Well, good thing we deliver to Washington!

    Hillary Clinton – White Chocolate Chip

    While Hillary Clinton has supporters of both genders, and is remembered just as much for being Bill Clinton's loyal wife who stood by him during times of scandal as she is for being arguably the most likely candidate for first female US president, a lot of analysts believe that female swing voters, and whether Hillary can appeal to them, will be the key to her success or failure. Like Hillary and the idea of a woman president, white chocolate is especially popular with women, and white chocolate chip cookies are often the ladies' first choice!

    Don't forget your M&M's before getting into the republican ring!

    Ted Cruz – M&M and Chocolate Chip

    Ted Cruz is the Republican candidate of choice for Republicans who aren't so keen on Donald Trump. Trump is a divisive figure even in his own party, and Cruz represents an alternative. He is also the youngest candidate, and appeals to those who want a statesman who is not considered out of touch with their generation. His cookie flavor is M&M and chocolate chip – an interesting flavor that appeals to young people, but isn't the obvious choice.

    We are happy to help you keep THAT campaign promise Mr Trump!

    Donald Trump – Marble Cookies

    Before he entered into politics, Trump was best known as a successful businessman and owner of lavish, glamorous premises. He would be best represented by marble cookies, which resemble the same opulent materials used in the hotels and casinos under his brand. Luxurious, rich, and not really very good for you, marble cookies, for a lot of voters, represent Trump perfectly!

    John Kasich - (Unknown)

    ssshhhh....The truth is, our writer forgot that John was still in the race...forgive us?

    So there you have it – political candidates as cookies! Do you agree with these choices, or is your favorite cookie matched to the wrong candidate?

  • Tasty Treats for Every Occasion: The Definitive Guide to Sending Gifts

    The sweet-toothed among us will probably say that anything involving the words ‘cake’ or ‘cookie’ is guaranteed to be good, whatever the occasion. From celebrating our greatest achievements to comfort eating in front of a soppy film, we love baked products in all shapes and sizes. If, however, you’re looking for something to meet your needs more specifically, we’ve got plenty of recommendations to make. With that in mind, here’s a light-hearted look at some of our favorite bakes for all occasions:

    Baked Daily - Always Fresh              Baked Daily, For the Perfect Gift.

    It’s Party Time!

    If you’re celebrating with friends, these colorful Rainbow Cookies are the very essence of fun! Perfect for parties, the layers of bright and festive cookie are topped with chocolate frosting and finished off with a dusting of all-important sugar sprinkles. Frivolous and cheerful, Rainbow Cookies will go down a treat on informal occasions. For a (slightly) more subtle hit of color, try our M&M and Chocolate Chip Cookies. These eye-catching offerings are ideal for chocolate lovers, and will bring a smile to your guests’ faces without fail! They’re studded with real chocolate chips and topped with mini M&Ms, and would make a lovely centre piece for a child’s party or a celebratory tea.


    Nut Free Brownies There are Enough Nuts In the Office. Send Nut-Free Brownies


    Brownies The Ultimate Feel-Good Food

    Proper comfort food, in our opinion, has to involve chocolate, and plenty of it! If you’re mourning a lost love, struggling with stress or simply feeling sorry for yourself and in need of a boost, our luxury Homestyle Nut Free Brownies are bound to hit the right spot. Made with love and the authentic taste of home baking, these moist, chewy and chocolatey goodies are simply scrumptious, and are the ultimate way to treat yourself when you’re feeling blue, just try not to eat the whole tin in one sitting!

    Mini Rugelach, Elegant Edibles

    For those occasions when you need to go all-out to impress, we’ve got plenty of choice. Whether you’re trying to seduce your secret crush or make a good impression on your best corporate client, think chic, classy and sophisticated… Bitesize bakes win it for us every time, with the cuteness factor and of course the fact that they’re great for sharing. Our selection of Fresh Baked Mini Rugelach offers plenty of scope to amaze and delight. They look great on a platter as a table centre piece, or in a beautiful presentation tin if you’re sending them as a gift – why not order a selection of flavors for a stylish and scrumptious way to show you care?


    Play It Safe With Classic Cookie Favorites

    If you’re not sure about your recipient’s preferences, or you simply can’t make your mind up from our fabulous array of scrumptious delights, you can’t go wrong with the good old classic cookie. Our Gourmet Cookies are available in a selection of tempting flavors, including traditional classics like chocolate chip and oatmeal raison. We bake our wonderfully soft and sweet cookies fresh every day, so whatever the occasion and whichever cookies, cake or  you opt for in the end, you’re guaranteed freshness and great taste every time.


  • Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About: Babka!

    Gimmee Jimmy's Fresh Baked Babka

    Babka Cake

    The impressive-looking Babka Cake is a brioche-like sponge cake, traditional as a celebration cake in Eastern Europe. It’s often baked in a round pan, and decorated with vanilla and chocolate flavored icing. The Jewish version of Babka is made from twisted length of dough and baked in a loaf pan. In Poland, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Babke Cake is usually baked to be eaten on Easter Sunday, although it’s also enjoyed during other celebrations too.

    Origins of Babka

    Old forms of Babka are said to have been similar to an Italian pannetone, and were much larger and higher than their modern equivalent. They would have been known as baba, meaning grandmother, referring to their shape resembling pleated skirts. The name babka translates as little grandmother. In the past, Eastern Europe was relatively poor, and luxury ingredients like chocolate would have been extremely hard to come by. Traditional Babka Cakes are more likely to have been sweetened and decorated with the addition of honey and dried or candied fruits, with chocolate being a later evolution.

    Jewish Babka is thought to have first come about during the early 1800s. Housewives making dough for challah bread, braided bread eaten on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, would have prepared extra dough, to be filled with cinnamon or jam, which was then rolled up and baked as a special treat.

    Gimmee Jimmy's Vanilla Babka

    Streusel Topping

    The popular crumb topping now found on Babka Cakes is known as streusel. It’s sprinkled on the top of loaf-shaped cakes before baking, and often layered inside the dough too. Streusel is made with a mixture of flour, butter and sugar, sometimes with cinnamon, spices or nuts included too. It adds an element of extra sweetness and crunch to any cake.

    Gimmee Jimmy's French Babka

    Babka’s Big Break!

    Traditionalists may disapprove, preferring to stick with tried and tested methods and enjoying Babka as it was originally intended, however there are many inventive ways to experiment with baking and eating Babka. From buns and bread pudding to ice cream sandwiches and even cereal, the possibilities seem to be endless. Whether you’d like to get creative in the kitchen or follow in your forefathers’ footsteps, baking Babka is probably not a recipe for beginners to undertake, and certainly doesn’t suit an impatient baker. It can be a time-consuming process, but definitely worth the extra effort!

    Chocolate Vanilla Babka

    Baking Babka at Home

    It may not be quick, but baking Babka yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of very good recipes and tutorials online, many with step-by-step instructions and pictures to follow, like this one for Chocolate Babka from Tori Avey. If you’re looking for an intricate and impressive centrepiece for a celebratory table, Babka makes an excellent choice. This is a rich cake with an even richer history, which can form part of your own family tradition – at Easter, or as part of any other special meal. If you’re lacking the time, patience or skill to bake your own Babka, we at Gimmee Jimmy’s have a selection of Babka Crumb Cakes which we’re ready to bake fresh to order. Give your family and friends a taste or traditional baking with none of the effort, by ordering one of our delicious Babkas to arrive in time for your celebration!

  • What is Rugelach?!?

    Gimmee Jimmy's Raspberry Rugelach Gimmee Jimmy's Raspberry Rugelach

    Rugelach is an irresistible baked treat which is both delicious and versatile. They're a traditional Jewish delicacy, made with a crisp, flaky, buttery pastry rolled into a crescent shape, with a variety of filling options available.

    Origins of Rugelach

    Historically, Rugelach is said to be linked with the Viennese Kipfel, crescent shaped pastries which commemorate the lifting of the Turkish siege in the Battle of Vienna. Rugelach is also similar in shape to the French croissant, which may be a descendant of the popular sweet pastry. Traditionally, Rugelach was made with yeast dough as was filled with jam, poppy seed paste or nuts. Nowadays, the pastry has evolved to be made with a yeast-free cream cheese dough, which is both quicker and easier to make. The cream cheese dough was first used by American bakers in the 1940s, and now forms the staple of the modern Rugelach known and loved by sweet-toothed Americans today.

    There’s some controversy over the origins of the word Rugelach, with some saying that the root of the word is rog, in Yiddish meaning corner or twist, referring to the shape of the pastry, while others claim the root is rugel, meaning royal and referring to the taste. Whichever meaning is correct, we think these mini crescent-shaped delights are simply divine!

    Chocolate Rugelach

    Rugelach Fillings

    It’s easy to find Rugelach to cater to everyone’s tastes, with traditional fillings including raisins, nuts, cinnamon, chocolate or jam. Cream cheese fillings are also a popular choice and make these little bites of deliciousness even more decadent and melt-in-your-mouth. Traditionally, Rugelach is eaten on the Jewish Sabbath, but it can also be enjoyed all year round, and makes a lovely gift to give to celebrate Hannukah or any other holiday. If you’re hosting a party, you could even make up a platter with several different flavors of Rugelach, so your guests can sample them all.

    Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies Rugelach Gift Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies Rugelach Gift

    Why Rugelach makes a great gift

    If you’re someone who likes to give presents which demonstrate care and thought, things which will be appreciate or used and which will really give pleasure to your recipient, Rugelach is the perfect choice.

    • Firstly, edible gifts are great because they get used up – they don’t sit around gathering dust or taking up space at the back of a cupboard – they’re eaten and enjoyed.
    • Secondly, Rugelach in particular is a good edible gift to give because it looks so impressive and intricate. If you’ve got the time and skill to make a batch yourself that’s brilliant, but if not then Gimmee Jimmy’s is on hand to help you gift the taste of home baking without the hassle. There’s such a variety of flavors, each looking intricate and irresistible, you really can’t go wrong. The bite-size cookies are easy to share, and provide the perfect amount of sweetness for an accompaniment to tea or coffee, an afternoon snack or dessert after a meal.
    • Finally there’s the traditional element. Whether you or your recipient is Jewish or not, it’s nice to give something with cultural significance and history to it, whatever the occasion. 
      Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies Chocolate Rugelach Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies Chocolate Rugelach


      Baking Rugelach at home

      If you’re planning on baking a batch of Rugelach, you firstly need to decide whether to opt for a traditional recipe with a yeast dough, or choose a more modern and familiar version with cream cheese. For traditionalists, this recipe from Joy of Kosher is straightforward and easy to follow. If you’d prefer a decadent cream cheese dough, the information and instruction provided by The Kitchn is really helpful. Alternatively if you’d like someone else to do all the hard work for you while you sit back and enjoy sampling the delicious results, check out our wonderful Rugelach varieties available to ship today!

  • 5 New York Kosher Classics You've Got To Try

    5 New York Kosher Classics You've Got To Try

    Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies. Perfect for every occasion Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies. Perfect for every occasion

    If you’re anything like us, you probably enjoy reminiscing about the past, and enjoying those special foods that take you back to another time and place. In a place as diverse and special as NYC, it’s no surprise that there are so many favorite comfort foods that truly represent a taste of the Big Apple. Here are a few of our favorite New York kosher classics that will surely take you back to the good old days:

    Can you think of other great tasting treats? let us know at info@gjcookies.com or tweet us @gjcookies 

    1. Black and White Cookies

    New York's Own Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookie New York's Own Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookie

    The iconic black and white cookie is the city’s quintessential sweet treat. Believed to have originated in upstate New York, these delicious biscuits are a favorite among all ages. They offer the best of both tastes, with chocolate icing on one half and vanilla on the other. While you can buy packaged versions, they simply can’t compare to a fresh baked biscuit. Today, you can even find them in pink and white and blue and white versions.

    1. Matzo Ball Soup

    This traditional Jewish soup is an important part of Passover meals, as well as a warm and delicious comfort food for many. It consists of warm chicken broth and hearty dumplings made out of a mixture of water, matzah meal, eggs, and some type of a fat, like oil. When left to simmer on the stove, the matzo balls soak up the rich flavors of the chicken broth. The history of Matzo Ball soup extends back to biblical times. Today, you can find matzo available in supermarkets, making it easy to enjoy a bowl at home, as well as in restaurants and delis throughout the Big Apple.

    1. Babka

    Gimmee Jimmy's Fresh Baked Babka

    Kosher babka is usually made with cinnamon or chocolate, making it a sweet bread that’s really more like a cake, in terms of taste. It’s traditionally made out of yeast dough that is braided or twisted, and can be topped with streusel for added sweetness. Not only does it taste amazing, but it looks just as lovely, too.


    1. Kosher Pickles
    Rabbi Mendy Margolin is the King of The Kosher Pickle.

    Traditional kosher pickles have a long history in the city, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. At the time, they could be found being cured in barrels in the lower east side’s Jewish neighborhoods as the immigrant population grew and expanded. Today, the techniques of those early years are still being used to make these crispy, sour snacks. They’re great for snacking on their own, or are perfectly paired up with a sandwich, like the next one on our list.

    1. Mile High Smoked Meat Sandwich
    A Classic Smoked Meat Sandwich!


    Just one bite of this sandwich will have you tasting history. No trip to New York’s iconic Katz’s Deli would be complete without indulging in a delicious Mile High Smoked Meat sandwich. While you can find this classic Jewish sandwich all over the city, Katz’s has been serving it up since it opened in 1888. It consists of layers of pastrami, a dry cured meat, which is rich in smoky, peppery flavors, piled between two pieces of rye bread. With this sandwich, it’s not only about the taste, but the textures. Some prefer to add mustard on top their meat for a little extra kick, and it’s always good to have a crispy kosher pickle on the side for added crunch.


    Can you think of other great tasting treats? let us know at info@gjcookies.com or tweet us @gjcookies 

  • Black and White Cookies: 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know.


    The black and white cookie has been an NYC snack staple for many years. This iced biscuit with a cake-like texture, also sometimes referred to as a half and half cookie, makes an ideal dessert for all kinds of occasions, or even just an everyday treat. Here are 10 surprising things you didn’t know about the iconic black and white cookie:

    New York's Own Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookie New York's Own Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookie

    1) The origin of the black and white cookie isn’t known, but it has a long history in New York. The popular belief is that it originated upstate, and some suggest that Hemstrought's Bakery in Utica was the first to bake it in the early 20th century. In any case, the black and white cookie is a favorite among New Yorkers, especially in New York City.

    DSC_8124 DSC_8139

    2) Black and white cookies don’t only come in one color combination- you can now get them in pink and white, and in blue and white. They have the same delicious taste, but the colors make them a perfect addition to a dessert table at a baby shower, gender reveal party, birthday parties, and more. They also make a great gift to send to someone.

    3) The black and white cookie is often confused with the half-moon, a very similar baked good that has chocolate frosting on one side and vanilla on the other. The difference is that the half-moon is typically larger, with a spongier base.

    4) The icing on a black and white cookie is a chocolate fondant on one half and vanilla fondant on the other. Using fondant gives a firmer texture, whereas the half-moon uses a fluffier frosting.

     President Obama dubbed the black and white cookie a “unity” cookie. President Obama dubbed the black and white cookie a “unity” cookie.

    5) While campaigning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in October of 2008, President Obama dubbed the black and white cookie a “unity” cookie.

    6) The cookie was mentioned on Seinfeld in two different episodes, which is no surprise, as the series is set in NYC. In episode “The Dinner Party”, Jerry says to “look to the cookie”, as a way to refer to racial harmony.


    7) Technically, the traditional black and white is actually a drop cake, but the amount of flour used in the recipe creates the firmer consistency. With less flour, the cookie would end up more fluffy and cupcake-like.

    8) While the cookies are now typically made with a vanilla base, some of the first versions were made with a chocolate base. You can still find the chocolate based ones in upstate New York, but it’s more often reserved for the half-moon style cookies.

    9) Germany has a similar version of the black and white cookie, known as the Amerikaner. It was first brought to the country by US soldiers during the Second World War, but this version has one half glazed in sugar and the other with melted chocolate.

    Gimmee Jimmy's Cookie Assortment Gimmee Jimmy's Cookie Assortment

    10) You can actually find black and white cookies for sale all around the US, with many supermarkets carrying packaged versions. However, if you want the truly authentic cookies, it’s best to purchase them fresh baked. And if you’re ever in New York City, it’s well worth your time to find a bakery and buy a batch to snack on while exploring the Big Apple. But if your not in the city, consider a speedy delivery of these sweet treats from Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies.

  • 4 Key Reasons to Order Cookies Online

    Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookies Gimmee Jimmy's Black and White Cookies

    Cookies are timeless, always invited, and forever appreciated. There is nothing like coming home to warm cookies after school, or a colleague who gifts their cookies at lunch to your desk.

    That is, when cookies are soft, fresh, and tasty, like Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies. When we were developing our cookies, and figuring out how to ship them out, free, throughout America, we remembered that feeling of coming home to our mothers soft homemade cookies, and use that are our benchmark. To this day, we regularly send cookies to our families and employees to quality test the cookies freshness and packaging.

    So what makes Ordering Cookies Online a true blue homestyle experience? Well if its Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies, its the perks.



    Birthdays, Weekends, Holidays, its just the nature of a business that some times it closes. It's true, Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies closes for passover, but our kosher online bakery never closes. Buying online lets you free up time for everything else important in life. With Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies date picking tool, you can choose in advance what day you would like your cookies to be delivered! That means that tomorrow, you can start shopping for your great grand daughters college graduation!


    Remember the homemade presents that you made for your parents? They loved them!!! Now, you might be a little older, but choosing a well thought out gift still makes a huge impact. Shopping for cookies online, especially with Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies, allows you to customize the perfect gift by choosing flavors, tin type, and even adding a gift message to every package! With over 20 cookie and rugelach flavors to choose from, your custom gift is guaranteed to impress.

    Always Fresh, Always Free Shipping Always Fresh, Always Free Shipping


    Have you ever heard the phrase "It takes one to know one?" well in the case of building a business, we know how to get great clients to try our cookies and build business relationships. When we were first starting to build our company, we shipped thousands of small cookie samples to businesses across America, the next holiday season, nearly 98% of those people who received samples, sent cookies to their clients!

    Gifts are a great way to engage with your clients, build relationships, and say hello! With our "Easy Order Uploader" customers can upload up to 200 addresses and with a click of a few buttons, order!

    Baked Daily - Always Fresh Baked Daily, For the Perfect Gift.


    Fresh.Baked.Cookies....Soft and chewy, its hard to find that anywhere, let alone online, but Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies offers the perfect cookies, for the perfect occasions, at the best price! The best part is, its totally free shipping! Always!


    - Freeman

  • Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies in the News (Issue 1)

    There is nothing more satisfying than seeing Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies being featured in several online news websites, podcasts, and even extensively through Instagram!

    Below are two "Industry" related articles and podcasts featuring Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies. We keep getting calls to comment on the loyalty, and gift-giving market, so expect more to come in the future!

    If you haven't been following our social media accounts, check us out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and soon on Youtube and Snapchat!

    IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1223 IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1228


  • Cookies are the Keys to Your Customer’s Heart (at least we think so!)

    image2 (1)


    Have you considered changing the way you give gifts?  Whether it’s around the office, in the holiday season, or even around the house, there is no wrong way to give cookies.  Cookies tend to make everyone’s eyes brighten up—and that’s whether they’re on a diet (and now have no choice but to cheat just a little bit) or if they’re hungry and craving a daytime or evening time snack.


    Cookies have the honor of being a non-committal gift, meaning they go over well at parties and never make anyone feel uncomfortable.  Yet, they elicit such a huge emotional reaction.  Chances are, your office buddies are going to remember your gift cookies months after the fact…maybe they’ll even start to expect them every year.  


    Cookies are also an ideal way to reach out to your customers.  Too many companies play it safe nowadays, at a time when thinking outside the box is crucial.  Customers don’t want 15% savings.  They want to be wowed, impressed and wooed.  


    That’s why little gifts, even as inexpensive as free cookies, will work miracles when it comes to creating positive associations with your customers.  They will feel loyalty to your company, remembering pretty much just the taste of the cookies.  Who cares about pricing or seasonal savings?  Those cookies were awesome.  You may well have a customer for life if you keep that trend up.

    Speaking of trends, Digital Social Retail reported that in 2015 customers were sending a clear message to their favorite and not so favorite brands: we want to work harder to get better rewards and incentives.


    Loyalty incentives were far more successful when customers were prompted to take specific action, not just make the usual purchases.  Omnichannel engagement was also a plus, as the most successful brands understood that the relationship never “checks out” even after the line ends.  Brands are accessible 24-7 via social networking.  So what are you doing to keep yourself fresh in mind during those crucial daytime hours?


    Lastly, emotional loyalty prompted the best results.  Loyalty programs based on logic underperformed because loyalty relationships are not logical by nature.  They grow based on intense emotions, and in the case of business, rewards and incentives that make the customer feel valued and perhaps even an evangelizer to the brand.


    Just some information to keep in mind regarding your gift-giving options.  You can’t go wrong with cookies because everyone loves cookies.  And in this age of simulated everything and online everywhere…the personal connection is like a giant hug from a friend.  

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